a)plan coaching

Dear client,

Our promise is that coaching will significantly and permanently improve the quality of your life and leadership when you participate fully.  The outline below defines what you can expect of your coach as well as what they would like to expect of you. 

You will review and discuss each commitment during your coaching launch session.  These commitments are designed to give you the most possible benefit from coaching, and your level of participation is up to you.  

We are delighted to begin this journey with you and know that whatever your hopes are for your future, you can make tremendous progress towards that vision in a relatively short time.  

We look forward to supporting you in every way we can.


Your a)plan coaching team

The a)plan coaching method

As your coach, I have many different tools to support you in the process of creating and realizing your vision for your future, and there are three basic steps:

Step 1 – I assist you to identify your short and long-term goals in all areas of life.

Step 2 – We develop MAPs—multiple action plans—to reach those goals.

Step 3 – I support you in the implementation of those plans, including shifts in your behaviors and beliefs.

What you can expect of me:

  1. My full attention and commitment to only your agenda (goals, dreams, desires, & visions for the future) without an agenda of my own.
  2. Facilitation of your best thinking and problem solving to develop multiple action plans (MAPs) to reach your goals, dreams, desires, & visions.
  3. My best thinking without advice.
  4. My preparation for every call by reading everything you’ve sent me, developing an agenda of what you might want to talk about, receiving mentoring about my coaching, and being in great shape physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.
  5. When you’re ready to complete, we will have a final call to discuss completion topics which I’ll provide.
  6. Notes about your desires and intentions during each meeting.
  7. My availability between sessions via the a)plan app or email.
  8. Repeated reminders of your most important goals and promises.
  9. Complete confidentiality about everything that you share with me.
  10. Total acceptance of you with no judgment. However if I have persistent concerns,
    I will tell you.
  11. Encouragement of emotional expression and release (though this is not therapy, because we are not looking for causes and only spending a little time on your past).
  12. Interaction with you not as who you’ve been in the past but as the person you are in this moment and the person you are committed to becoming.

If you want something that I haven’t listed here, please ask for what else you want or tell me what you don’t want.  

What I invite you to commit to: 

  1. A huge result
    • I want your commitment to co-creating our coaching to make a dramatic and permanent improvement in your life and leadership.
    • I want for you to be able to say authentically, “I am surprised that my life and leadership has gotten this much better.
  2. Comprehensive coaching – in every area of life and every domain
    • Areas include work, finances, relationships, health… everything (e.g. spelling, voice, appearance…). If there is something off limits, let me know.
    • Domains include: i. Circumstances (what you have), ii. Actions (what you do),
       iii. Values (who you are being).
  3. Lots of time together over the course of our engagement
    • Continue for at least this initial contract, unless there is a big problem that we can’t resolve, because the greatest benefits you can achieve happen after your basic goals are accomplished.
    • For our meetings to be as important to you as any you have and to be
      distraction free. 
    • Provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule, including combining with a future session. Per your contract, rescheduling without 24 hours notice will forfeit the session.
    • I also understand that situations may arise where I might need to reschedule a coaching session. For example a)plan coaches are entitled to four weeks off during the year for their sustainability and this might impact a coaching session. I will work with you on rescheduling any sessions that are missed for any reason.
  4. Lots of time that you devote to our coaching in addition to
    our conversations
    • Spend 1-2 hours a week on this work in addition to our conversations.
    • Use the a)plan app to track progress toward your goals.
    • Prepare for and debrief our conversations by using the a)plan app and by giving yourself space and time before and after our calls.
    • Do homework assignments that we agree upon.
  5. Full disclosure – no secrets
    • Share fears, upsets, successes, embarrassments, etc.
    • Coaching does not work as well if you withhold relevant information.
  6. Lots of feedback from you about the coaching
    • Provide candid feedback on our coaching via the post-coaching questions in the app and a quarterly survey. I want to know what I’m doing well and where I need
      to improve.
    • I want you to know what you want in every area of life and, in particular,
      our coaching.
  7. Being coachable
    • Willing to examine your processes (habits, methods, values) and change them to your ideals.
    • Open to new possibilities and experimenting with new ideas.
    • Trusting me and the process.
  8. Owning your insights and not re-presenting, or representing, my words to others
    • When you are speaking about our coaching with others, please say, “During my coaching session I realized that…” rather than “My coach said that…
  9. Making this coaching a big deal
    • A major project in your life.
    • A major relationship in your life.
  10. To optimize our coaching, what else do you want to commit to?

Thank you.