a)plan coaching

About a)plan coaching

Coaching is an ongoing relationship with a person trained to assist clients in identifying and achieving what they want in all areas of their lives. a)plan coaching is the optimized version of that process, using technology and our proven approach, to help organizations and individuals create transformational, lasting results. Though there are many tools and methods used in the coaching process, a coach’s primary purpose is to guide and support clients through the three-step process of:

  1. Identifying what they want – both short and long term goals in all areas of their lives
  2. Developing MAPs – Multiple Action Plans – to reach those goals
  3. Implementing those plans while changing the behaviors that have previously held them back 

We believe a)plan coaching to have massive potential by maximizing our triple bottom line:

  1. Coaches must experience value in the form of new clients and tools to make client service delivery easier to manage. 
  2. Clients must see substantial improvements in their lives and reach their goals. 
  3. The company must grow to tremendous profitability while adhering to its culture and values

About the position

We are currently seeking an experienced contractor to oversee Operations, Legal, & HR/People. Success in this contract will lead to w-2 employment.

To thrive in this role, you should be an experienced people manager, a strategic thinker, and a system builder. Experience in the coaching sector is a wonderful plus, but not at all required.

This is a remote position, with slight preference for candidates in the San Francisco Bay Area. This contractor will report directly to the CEO.


  • Manage the Operations team, including the finance manager, operations manager, and additional team members
  • Incubate and help run new teams
  • Design and implement the business and operational systems and processes that make a)plan hum
  • Manage people operations
  • Help identify and implement new opportunities that grow a)plan’s business
  • Work closely with the CEO to prioritize and launch products and processes that serve our customers and clients
  • Perform analyses and research that helps us make the right growth decisions for a)plan
  • Partner with staff, contractors and advisors to execute on important strategic initiatives and drive operational scale and efficiency
  • Other duties that arise as a)plan grows
  • Contribute to creating a culture that inspires success, promotes bold ideas, and uplifts positive morale

You might be a fit if you…

  • Are entrepreneurial and like to take initiative
  • Have at least 5 years of people management, operations, and systems experience 
  • Have tremendous integrity with a track record of making and keeping high impact agreements
  • Are goal focused and enjoy a fast pace
  • Have the ability to quickly understand new, potentially complex systems, ask appropriate questions, and make informed decisions
  • Have the ability to work under pressure, manage personal workload effectively, and ask for help when needed
  • Have the ability to learn and maintain a conceptual understanding of technology powering the company and its products quickly 
  • Have advanced skills in web based infrastructure and office tools such as Google Apps / Suite 
  • Have strong written and verbal communication skills


$10,000-15,000 per month, depending on experience

How to Apply

Please send your cover letter and resume to info@a-plancoaching.com by September 29th.