a)plan coaching

USDN members are working on complex and systemic issues such as combating climate change and systemic racism. That’s a heavy lift. USDN and a)plan want you, members, to have all the support necessary to do your jobs most effectively while staying healthy, whole, and sane in the process – for you, your families, your communities, the movements, and more. In addition to the support you receive from the network, coaching is a more personalized way to support you in being effective personally and professionally.  

Coaching is extremely valuable. USDN staff and several member communities are already benefiting from coaching with a)plan. There are 7 reasons that we believe a)plan may be the best coaching solution for you, including that we specialize in coaching for change-makers. Coaching is a fully customizable method designed to meet you where you are and support you in developing multiple action plans to meet goals in your professional and personal lives, and everything in between. 

Our primary goal through this partnership is for USDN members to resource themselves as much as possible; you are tirelessly working to protect and preserve the biosphere for all beings and we need you whole and at your very best.  

To learn more about a)plan coaching, please check out our Services and FAQs. To learn more about a)plan’s partnership with USDN, please visit www.usdn.org

“I’m benefitting so much from coaching. I never thought coaching was for me, someone younger and not on a leadership team. I tried coaching to understand how I could better support others but now I can’t imagine my life without it. My coach is amazing and has given me tools to navigate day-to-day challenges while helping me meet longer-term goals aligned with my true purpose.”

Natalie Narotzky

Urban Sustainability Directors Network