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Specializes in:

  • Transformational Leadership/Self Development
  • Organizational/Strategic Development
  • Cultural Innovation

Ajay is a personal development coach and thought-leader in the field of the inner transformation.

He also serves as a Bay Area CEO at the forefront of philanthropy and social change. 

In his late teens, Ajay became ordained as a monastic in pursuit of a deep spiritual calling. He spent the next eight years immersed in practices of self-development, meditation, service and cultivation of wisdom. He travelled the globe as a speaker and mentor to communities and leaders.

He is well known for his down to earth, people centered nature and his ability to weld timeless wisdom within modern contexts. His personal philosophy rests in recognizing the individuality and uniqueness of everyone he encounters, serving them to unlock their deepest potential.

Education & Credentials

  • Business and Finance – London College
  • Certified Executive Coach – Learn to Lead, London
  • Strategic Consultant – Learn to Lead, London
  • Partner and Strategic Consultant – Faith in Leadership

Client Testimonials

“Among the most talented performance coaches of his generation, Ajay Dahiya brings integrity, wisdom and exquisite discernment to his practice. I have seen leaders in the corporate sector as well as politicians, monks and community volunteers transform their problems following their sessions with him.”

Krish Raval, OBE, Chief Executive, The Leadership Hub Ltd

“I have found my discussions with Ajay Dahiya of tremendous value. Ajay brings to balance his roles of leadership in the business environment, his roots as a monk, and his own personal path of self realization in the wisdom he openly shares with others. Time spent with Ajay has led to my own enrichment on the path of personal and interpersonal development. I am very grateful for the time and discussions we share.”

Russell Pet, MD, Psychiatrist

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