a)plan coaching

As a values-led organization, a)plan is proud to live by its well-documented core values, which undergo the consistent workshopping and reflection of the entire coaching, leadership, and operations teams. We invite all of our clients and partners to review our values and join us in committing to the ones that resonate most.


We focus on what is working, knowing that what we appreciate, appreciates. We appreciate the opportunity to learn from our mistakes and communicate them readily.

Compassionate Candor

We tell the truth about what we want and don’t want, without judgement and with empathy.


We walk our talk. We keep our agreements or renegotiate them. We are on time. We have clear agendas and efficient meetings.


We promote the constant growth and improvement of our colleagues and clients. We give our best thinking, then support the choice of the decision-maker.


We take responsibility for our actions and results. We envision then create the future we want, knowing anything is possible.


Our team and who we serve reflect every form of diversity, because making coaching for everyone includes every one. We understand that differences are powerful tools that can be used to strengthen the whole.


We prioritize our well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, in order to bring our best selves to our clients and colleagues.