a)plan coaching

From the moment of our founding, we committed to building a team that is diverse in race, ethnicity, age, gender, physical and mental abilities, sexual orientation, and more. We are committed to creating an inclusive community, recruiting some of the top coaches in the nation, 20% of whom are Black and more than 25% of whom are People of Color. 

At a)plan, we are dedicated to supporting DEIB initiatives, and that means our entire team consistently weighs in on how to be of maximum service to marginalized and under-represented groups. In recent years, here are some of the ways in which we have deepened our commitments in this area, beyond our coaching and DEIB training work.

1. Sponsoring our coaches and staff to participate in facilitated Racial Affinity Groups based on Ruth King’s book Mindful of Race

2. Donating to Equal Justice Initiative

3. Implementing strategies from The Financial Activist Playbook For Supporting Black Lives, including moving to a community bank

4. Examining our individual and organizational roles in perpetuating racism. We will continue to build on our DEIB work to date, our vision for doing more, and specific strategies for closing the gap.

We value your feedback and input. Please let us know what we’re doing well on these issues and where we can improve. If you have resources beyond what we’ve listed above, please reach out and use our chat window to share ideas.