a)plan coaching

What is a)plan coaching?

a)plan is coaching for changemakers. In the past, coaching was one of two distinct types: performance coaching (career based) or wellness coaching (life based), whereas a)plan takes a more holistic approach. We recognize that “work” deeply impacts “life” and vice versa – in fact, there is more overlap between the two than ever before. a)plan has built a dynamic coaching method around this reality, and we have the best coaches and tech in the industry to support it.

Are there different kinds of coaching?

Yes. The first 30 years of the professional coaching industry were dominated by sole practitioners who aggregated, in their own ways, many different training approaches, insights about performance, tools to support growth, etc. Some of the leading pioneers of the profession built unique coaching approaches, but few (if any) successfully scaled those approaches in consistent, sustainable ways.

How is a)plan better?

a)plan is better because we have a deep and diverse roster of coaches who utilize a consistent method across organizations of all types and sizes. We’ve worked over many years to combine insights from the most experienced coaches into a simple, accessible, and highly effective method supported by our proprietary coaching app. Our method is designed to unlock the potential of individuals, no matter their situation.

How do clients meet with coaches?

Clients meet with our coaches through the a)plan app, which offers text, audio, and video communication channels. Clients can also meet in person or over the phone. While we strongly encourage the use of our app, we are flexible in meeting the bespoke needs of our clients.

What is MAPing?

MAPing is the process of creating Multiple Action Plans, which is core to a)plan’s proprietary coaching method. Once a client determines their goals and desires, planning comes next. By developing innovative Multiple Action Plans, the coach and client craft a number of different strategies that lead the client toward their goals.

How is a)plan different from other companies that offer coaching services?

a)plan offers a proven, consistent methodology that works. We built an app to support this method, allowing us to extend the coaching experience beyond what’s traditionally been possible. a)plan’s unified methodology, tools, and tech have been proven to amplify the power and utility of coaching.

Is a)plan a marketplace?

Unlike other coaching services, a)plan is not a marketplace. With marketplace services, sole proprietor coaches bring their own methods, tools, and processes. This outdated approach fails to deliver the consistency required to create a reliable, proven method.

Is a “career coach” different from what a)plan offers?

The a)plan approach is centered around the notion that people are holistic. A person’s career cannot be decoupled from their personal life and wellness. While our coaches often help with career goals and planning, we almost always dig deeper, beyond just the workplace.

How long are engagements?

Engagements can be any length, starting at a minimum of 3 months. We recommend at least 6 months to achieve significant results, though results are often visible in as few as 3 months. The a)plan approach is intended to be ongoing, which is why some of our coaches have kept the same clients for 5+ years.

How are coaches and clients matched?

While we recommend coaches before the beginning of an engagement, a)plan users are welcome to review our coaching roster on our website and select one. We have a 97% success rate in providing coaches who clients report to become “trusted and valuable partners in their growth.”

What if it’s not the right fit?

Clients can make a lateral move to another coach at any time. Thanks to the a)plan app, all data seamlessly transfers over to the new coach, so no progress tracking or historical records are lost.

How fast can we get started?

Our onboarding process is built to accommodate the client’s needs, so we can get started as soon as a client is ready.

Is it confidential?

Yes, we take confidentiality very seriously, and all of our coaches sign confidentiality agreements with their clients.

What is the security level/certifications for the app, data, and website?

The a)plan app and dashboard are built on Google’s mobile platform, Firebase. All of the Firebase services we use have successfully completed the ISO 27001 and SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 evaluation process, and some have also completed the ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certification process. Firebase services also encrypt data in transit using HTTPS, logically isolate customer data, encrypt data at rest, and allow for 2-factor authentication login security.

Who are your coaches?

a)plan is staffed by some of the most experienced and tenured coaches in the industry. All of our coaches use a proven and consistent method and average at least 10 years of professional coaching experience.

What kind of training do your coaches have?

Equipped with academic, professional, and personal accolades, our coaches come from a variety of impressive backgrounds. The unifying factor is that they’re all trained to use the a)plan coaching methodology. This allows for a diverse staff and a consistent process, which is key to the effectiveness of our tech.

What does your app do?

The a)plan app is a simple but effective tool designed to extend the coaching experience in order to create more regular engagement. The app serves as a communication platform between coach and client, and is also an aggregator of all notes, progress, and archives along the way.