a)plan coaching

Specializes in:

  • Leadership Through Complexity and Change
  • Conflict Management
  • Cross Cultural Agility, DEI. and Accessibility

Aurora is a globally minded and experienced coach with over 20 years of experience supporting international leaders who strive to create a lasting impact in a complex and rapidly evolving world.

She is a trusted advisor, skilled coach and group facilitator known for her ability to support leaders working in fast-paced, quickly changing, and culturally diverse environments. She is originally from France and has worked in over 30 countries supporting global multicultural teams and leaders at all hierarchical levels. Aurora believes leadership is a mindset that translates itself into specific actions for impactful results and is honored to step into that space with clients who are eager to make a sustainable difference in their sector and for the communities they are engaged in.

Aurora has extensive experience working in diverse sectors including international financial institutions, pharmaceutical, global development, technology, fashion, the media, higher education, academia, and law. She understands well the specific challenges of large and small organizations and has been very effective in both well-established and entrepreneurial businesses. She also humbly approaches the challenges faced by managers, having been a business owner herself a few times, including when she managed her own consulting firm as well as her Brooklyn (NY)-based French Moroccan restaurant.

Education & Credentials

  • M.A. – Industrial Psychology, Columbia University
  • Ed.M. – International Development, Columbia University
  • B.S. – International Business and Management, NYU Stern School of Business
  • French Baccalaureat
  • Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Certification
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • EQi 2.0
  • Certificate in Conflict Management and Resolution (Columbia University Human Capital Institute)

Client Testimonials

“One of my biggest challenges as a leader is trust and confidence in myself. Working with Aurora has been more than just getting little tips and tricks to manage this–I’ve worked with her to build systems and processes that make handling management challenges easier and we’ve deeply explored what emotions are behind my leadership-related anxieties. This has enabled me to better identify and observe my internal reactions to situations, use that data to make  more objective decisions, and match my actions to my values, which she helped me identify. Working with her has made me much more comfortable as a leader, which in turn has made me a better leader.”

Caroline, Department Head in a Global Corporation

“I honestly believe I would not be the confident, inclusive, and thoughtful leader I am today without the coaching support I have received from Aurora. She truly meets you where you are, offering emotionally intelligent insights while holding you accountable to the improvements you seek. I am always eager for our sessions as I know I will walk away a better manager, leader and person!”

Roberto, Middle East Team Leader in an International Financial Institution
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