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Specializes in:

  • Leadership & Team Building
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Physical and Mental Health

Bill Rentz is an executive coach and a Master Certified Coach from the International Coach Federation.

He is Vice President of Dave Ellis Leadership, the organization that presents the Falling Awake Coach training and other leadership seminars.
Bill is a self-taught generalist who has partnered with Dave Ellis for over 32 years. Bill has been responsible for the coaching team and coach training, and he manages most of the day-to-day operation of the Dave Ellis Leadership programs.

He has worked one on one with the top executives of dozens of global organizations. Collectively, these organizations have directly influenced the lives of tens of millions of people by providing life-saving food, small business loans, education, and many other services designed to assist people to gain dignity and prosperity.

Bill has led workshops for superintendents creating solutions for public education, couples desiring to improve their relationships, and leadership teams building effective organizations.

Bill is a voracious learner with a keen interest in natural history, paleontology, the outdoors, and the social sciences. His pragmatic approach to working with people has proven to be very useful to hundreds of clients across a large spectrum of disciplines. Bill lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota and has been married for 33 years.

Client Testimonials

“The coaching with Bill was very profound and came at a critical moment when I was starting my organization. I was able to teach myself and learn through the coaching process how to approach and solve what seemed like unsolvable problems.

I learned very tangible strategies to manage stress, enjoy a vibrant relationship with my wife, deal with financial challenges at work and at home, improve my health, and increase the well-being of my colleagues.

The coaching has had lasting benefits to me, my family, and my organization.”

Alex Counts, CEO, Author Grameen Foundation USA

“I have been coaching with Bill for more than a year. It’s been invaluable to integrate what I learned about myself to effect positive change in my relationship with myself and my children. I really feel that my coach’s acute skill in listening has been invaluable and an incredible support.

Bill’s skill has enabled me to move through difficult and challenging situations with clarity, perspective, and a lot of love and humor. Our coaching relationship has supported my spiritual practice, my health, my work, and my finances. All areas of my life have been enhanced through our relationship.”

Susan Griffin Black, Co-Founder & CEO EO (a natural personal care manufacturer)

“One of the things I most appreciate about Bill’s coaching is the focus on my goals and my aspirations. He’s really helped me to understand the value of my own ideas, my own skills, and my capabilities. Bill has been extremely encouraging in both the successful times and the times where I was facing struggles in my business and my personal life.

I appreciate Bill enormously and think of him as a partner in my business and in my life.”

Charles Pfeffer, President Contextus LLC (consulting company based in Rochester, NY)

“I attribute my relationship with my coach to my success in establishing new business practice protocols, having tough conversations with staff, negotiating several inner-office conflicts to peaceful resolution, establishing procedures for assessing employee progress, and determining alternative strategies for promoting and demonstrating the impact of our non-profit work.

Without my coach I doubt I would have accomplished many of my most significant achievements this year.”

Stephanie Hirsh, Executive Director, Learning Forward
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