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Specializes in:

  • Executive Leadership Development
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Education & Strategy
  • Mindfulness and Performance Development
  • Health, Wellness, & Personal Growth

Cenell passionately advocates for community well-being by hosting educational seminars and sharing her insights on health and wellness.

Cenell brings 25+ years of experience as a leader, consultant, and expert in the field of health sciences. She completed her doctoral work on how mindfulness is a tool to reduce work-related stress and has supported executive leadership clients from all over the world (Europe and US). Cenell utilizes a mindful leadership approach when working with clients to help them find clarity and commit to multiple action steps toward reaching their goals, dreams, visions, and desires. Her mindfulness coaching style involves the core tenants of attention, intention, and attitude. By focusing (attention) on a given intention (intention) with an elevated perspective (positive attitude), clients can move more swiftly toward accomplishing goals.

Cenell has worked with C-Suite and individual contributors to help them navigate, taking responsibility with integrity and authenticity to explore their limitless possibilities. She uses humanistic theory and motivational interviewing as tools to assist leaders with connecting to their own “NorthStar guiding system within” and thereby unlocking leadership/wellness goals that might be dormant. Cenell has also facilitated diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging education and strategy for leaders, businesses, and large organizations through Mindfulness in the Workplace seminars. Furthermore, she counts it a blessing to be the wife of her loving husband Wayne, mother of two sons Daniel and Richy; and stepmom to three charismatic adult children Lindsey, William, and Samantha.

Clients that have benefited from Cenell’s authentic support include:
Amazon, Fairfield County Chamber of Commerce, Columbus Fitness Consultants, Wellness with Cenell, University of Mount Union, Healthy Life Solutions, Rejuvenation Station, YMCA of Lancaster, Fairfield County Auditor’s Office, ADAMH Board of Fairfield County, Ohio University, The Ohio State University, and Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions.

Education & Credentials

  • PhD Health Sciences (Focus Mindfulness)
  • MS Exercise Physiology
  • BS Sports Medicine/Athletic Training
  • Certified Mindfulness Meditation Teacher
  • Licensed Certified Athletic Trainer
  • DEIB Education and Strategist

Client Testimonials

Cenell provided a stress-free zone where I was able to collect my thoughts, sit with them, and with her insightful observations, pay more attention to actions and behaviors that are serving me well vs things I could let go of.

In particular, I learned to “not take things so personally” and this “aha” has set me free to focus on things that are in my control—a mantra that serves me well at work but also in life!

– Alison T

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