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Specializes in:

  • Leadership Journey, Competencies, and Impact
  • Personal Transformation, Growth, and Fulfillment
  • Growing in Confidence, Courage, and Self-efficacy

Charles has extensive experience in learning design, leadership development, and internal and external coaching.

We are all on a leadership journey, and Charles thrives on supporting his clients who are in quest of fulfillment from making meaningful impact and contributions in their world. His own journey has been shaped by the questions: How might I share my unique experiences and gifts? How might I fulfill my mission of strengthening others in their journey? His clients have said that they value his unique ability to connect, encourage, listen with curiosity and empathy, and learn their stories to help tap into their own resourcefulness.

Charles lives with his family in Santa Monica, California, and enjoys reading and playing soccer.

Charles brings decades of experience in Learning & Development with companies including HP, VMWare, and Splunk. He has created numerous leadership and learning programs as a Vice President of Learning & Development, in addition to his coaching.

Education & Credentials

  • BS, Rutgers School of Engineering
  • BA, Rutgers University
  • Masters, Drew University
  • Leadership Development Consulting, The Regis Company
  • Co-Active Training Institute

Clients that have benefited from Charles’ coaching support include founders, senior executives, directors, and front-line managers across functions including HR, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, and Technology, in various companies ranging from Fortune 100s to small non-profit organizations.

Client Testimonials

“Charles has been an incredible resource for me to grow in my career and grow into a leader to my fullest potential. Charles has an ability to make you feel instantly comfortable, open up about the anxieties and stressors we all face in our professional lives, and help with stepping into our best selves and be the most effective leaders we can be.”

Isabel S., Sales Manager

“Charles was a huge support to me. Through his coaching, he helped me perform better in my leadership role, which in turn made my team more effective too. He approaches his coaching with empathy, curiosity, and customization. He helped me navigate challenging situations and gain confidence as a leader.”

Taylor P., Sales Manager

Working with Charles provided me the space each week to really reflect on my values and how I present myself to the world. I was able to develop actionable habits and techniques to help me overcome my fear of failure and build emotional resilience. In short, it was clear that Charles tailored his coaching specifically to me and my needs, and I am so much better off for it.”

Daniel T., Technology Lead Manager

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