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Specializes in:

  • Leadership Development
  • Team Effectiveness
  • Personal Purpose & Alignment

Desmond helps organizations grow leaders, teams, collaboration, and results.

He often coaches leaders who are responsible for change initiatives, helping them develop the personal and organizational capacity for transformation.  And helping them build whole-life alignment and effectiveness.  His industry experience spans aerospace, banking, education, energy, pharmaceutical, retail and travel.  

Desmond’s undergraduate degree is in Economics, with post-graduate work in Adult Education at University of Toronto, and Negotiation/Conflict Management at Harvard.  

He is an Authorized Partner of Everything DiSC and Five Behaviors of Cohesive Teams, and is the creator of Brass Rings: Powerful Principled Negotiation, and Leaders Unlimited.  Desmond has provided strategic people development from Boston to Bangalore, in both public and private sectors.

Client Testimonials

“Desmond is a deep thinker AND a deep feeler. These two things don’t as often go together as one would hope in our line of work. Nor in life for that matter. If you are fortunate enough to gain Desmond’s help with your team, your org transformation or targeted issue or even crisis, or your personal leadership or self-evolution imperative, you should pay him more than he will ask. You’ll see why. He brings his soul to the work, not just deep and broad knowledge and skill that’s head and shoulders above others with whom I have worked — and I have worked with some of the best so that says something.

Kelly Kinnebrew, PhD, Organization Devmt. Dartmouth-Hitchcock

“Desmond is a trainer and presenter par excellence. In my 12 years of leading a high-profile board, Desmond’s training was among the most effective. His communication was not an “information dump.” Instead, the concepts were drilled into our group with interesting and enlightening training exercises. Our team was made stronger. In all aspects of my working with him – this man has proven exceptional.

Carlton Coon, Sr., Nonprofit Global Director, Author

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