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Specializes in:

  • Executive Leadership Coach
  • Building Diversity, Equity & Belonging
  • Managing Change & Transition
  • LGBT+

Elayna takes a holistic approach to coaching, empowering individuals and organizations to access their courage, reflective capacity, resilience, and wellness.

As a certified ontological coach and generative leadership trainer, Elayna takes a holistic approach to coaching, empowering individuals and organizations to access their courage, reflective capacity, resilience, and wellness. She partners with those who are ready to disrupt the status quo and lead with impact, facilitating powerful conversations that unleash the wisdom in the room. Elayna’s work has been instrumental in implementing new operational strategies, rebranding and marketing, and driving leaders to develop more impactful strategies, missions, and visions for their organizations.

Elayna has coached executive leaders at organizations such as Salesforce, Google, Kendryl, Berkshire Hathaway, Michigan Financial, CAT, and Chanel, focusing on developing reflective capacity, leadership strength, and building skills in navigating difficult conversations. She has also worked with executive teams to successfully rebrand and market their organizations, creating alignment between leadership and strategic partners.

In addition to her professional work, Elayna is a survivor of a rare bone disease, which has given her unique insight into thriving in the face of extreme hardship and limb loss. Her experiences have inspired and empowered others to make lasting improvements in leadership, strategic planning, productivity, communication, and time management. Elayna is a single mom to two boys; she has an MBA and is an award-winning creative and published writer.

Her community-based projects include founding, driving fundraising, and leading an arts program for homeless youth, designing and facilitating reflective practice training programs for California-based NGOs serving young families, and partnering with the leadership team to restructure the capital campaign for a Charter School, including writing and winning grants, aligning on strategic priorities, building collective capacity, and developing the strategic plan. Elayna has also organized and managed community-based events, including those for the largest Master Planned Community in Colorado.

Education & Credentials

  • MBA – Marylhurst University 
  • Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (Art, Human Science & Business) 
  • Newfield Network Coaching Mastery 
  • Institute of Generative Leadership 

Client Testimonials

Elayna’s coaching empowered me to push past my comfort levels and discover what I was really capable of. She challenged me, thoughtfully adapted to my coaching needs, and helped me understand my strengths, skills, and values. Her warm and welcoming coaching style helped me trust that she had my best interest at heart. She created a safe space for me to learn and work through my plans and goals and a lot of the work we did has greatly improved how I approached my job and my personal life.

Crystal Jimenez, Fulfillment Manager (Curology)

Elayna has a gift for coaching. She is a skilled listener and shows up with an intuitive presence that invites deep awareness to help ignite fundamental changes. She is a trusted advisor and coach in my life helping me uncover blind spots and guides my design and implementation of new realities in my personal and business life. 

Bruce Wilhelm, Founder of Boldly Living

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