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Specializes in:

  • Leadership & Team Development
  • Resilience & Heart Intelligence
  • Innovation & Wellbeing

Eliane Fierro is an accomplished Master Certified Coach MCC with more than 18 years in the field of coaching.

She has a broad experience in corporate and small business, sports and human development. She can see systems and understand organizations in a simple way that helps leadership teams connect with what is truly important to achieve their goals. Eliane’s purpose is to inspire others to connect to their passions and to become all they want to be to live their greatness. Her clients have included Ford Motor Company, HSBC, McKinsey & Co, Unilever, PepsiCo, Diageo, Alsea, Accenture, Palacio de Hierro, Hasbro, and Herbalife amongst others. 

Eliane believes you have a unique contribution to give. It is your responsibility to bring it to the world by noticing what you love and creating joyful habits. She uses the research and tools from the Science of Happiness at Work and Heartmath to help her clients connect to their heart and inner wisdom.

In her sporting life, Eliane sailed for Mexico in the Seoul Olympics, and serves on the steering committee of the Mexican Sailing Federation. She brings lessons from these experiences to her coaching and continues to lead and coach at the highest levels in her sport.

Education & Credentials

  • BS, Applied Math, Anahuac University, Mexico City
  • Masters in Humanities, Anahuac University, Mexico City
  • MCC,(Master Certified Coach) ICF International Coaching Federation. (2022)
  • Certified in Emotional Intelligence (2018)
  • Certified in Conversational Intelligence, WBECS (2017)
  • Supervisor & Mentor Coach Certification, Goldbarg (2016)
  • Heartmath Coach & Trainer (2016)
  • Certification in Neuro Coaching, Neuro Business Group, Harvard U (2013)
  • Ontology Coaching Certification, Teampower, Mexico (2013)
  • Certification in the Science of Happiness at Work, Iopener, Oxford UK. (2011)
  • Certification of Team Coaching, European Coaching School CEE. (2008)
  • NLP Coaching Certification, The NLP Institute of California. (2005)

Client Testimonials

“I worked with Eliane for a couple of years. She is very strong in the areas of identifying opportunities for a high-level executive and then coaching for success. She was able to balance my approach with my team and moved us a long way as a high performing team. Finally, she incorporates mindfulness and communication as a trust builder in her approach. It was an insightful and fun process. My team and I all are better for it. Thank you!”

Peter Revesz, Transformational Global Executive

“Eliane is a great professional always able to develop and foster the teamwork , able to identify opportunities to develop the teams further. Great coach!!”

Eckart Miesner, Executive Board Member and Consultant

“Eliane is an excellent coach who is highly skilled in the art of guiding high level executives to reach higher levels of performance. Her leadership as the ICF President of Mexico has been incredibly successful & I highly recommend her to any company or executive looking to maximize their potential through a coaching process.”

Brian Boyle, Director of Operations at Ark Queen Holding Group Ltd

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