a)plan coaching

Specializes in:

  • Work-Life Alignment
  • Leadership / Strategic Planning
  • Personal Growth

Jill is a certified Co-Active Coach and Facilitator.  

She assists people to make lasting improvements in the areas of strategic planning and leadership, self-development, stress management and mindfulness. Jill is also a facilitator at Shine On Collaborative, an organization committed to personal and professional growth.

Jill’s coaching specialty is the empowerment of individuals updating and reinventing their lives to produce big results while creating balance in their personal lives.  She is passionate about individual leadership and development, neurodiversity and building strong, supportive communities. 

Prior to coaching, Jill held senior leadership roles in sales and account management.

Jill lives in Palo Alto CA with her wonderful family, two lazy cats and one wild puppy.

Education & Credentials

  • Double BA, University of California, Davis
  • Certified Co-Active Coach
  • Stanford Compassion Cultivation Training
  • Shine On Collaborative Group Facilitator

Clients that have benefited from Jill’s support are Stanford faculty, tech entrepreneurs, small business owners and people in career and life transitions.

Client Testimonial

“Working with Jill helped me gain perspective and opened up new avenues for thought and action. She helped me see the positive in a challenging situation.  She provided a powerful reminder of the value I bring and allowed me to express, and search, for what I really wanted. She gave me courage and inspiration to keep pursuing my path. If you find yourself at a cross roads or are interested in exploring new avenues, Jill holds the space to safely discover what is possible.”

Christina Raes, Tech CEO

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