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Specializes in:

  • Developing Leaders & Professionals, Especially BIPOC
  • Effective Communication & Interpersonal Skills
  • Transformation, Growth, and Fulfillment
  • DEI Change Management

Melinda empowers individuals to break through cultural and organizational confines to find their true selves, values, and to speak their voice respectfully and unapologetically.

Melinda leverages her life experiences to effectively coach and support her clients.   

She has 17 years of engineering experience and has worked extensively with all levels in organizations, from Managers to Manufacturing Operators. She has successfully developed change management teams and implemented training in companies such as Steelcase, Perrigo, International Paper, and automotive suppliers. Her coaching clients predominantly consist of professionals in IT and Management, with a focus on supporting women, people of color, immigrants, and those raised in immigrant families.

Melinda utilizes her learning from her own personal transformation to support her clients. She understands well the process of identifying and reconstructing unconscious thoughts, having overcome her own unconscious drivers stemming from her strict immigrant upbringing. For example, she conquered the need for approval and validation of her decisions, the inability to speak up, perfectionism, ignorance of her true values, anxiety, and stress. 

Having grown up in two cultures, Melinda possesses a unique perspective, able to see things from within and objectively observe.  She has gained wisdom through years of navigating discrimination and other adversities.

Melinda helps clients achieve lasting change. Her education through Newfield Network taught her the power of Ontological Coaching, a method that focuses on understanding an individual or organization’s “way of being” across three domains: emotions, soma (body), and language. By supporting her clients to rework all 3 domains, sustained change is achieved.

Melinda’s personal interests in martial arts, meditation, pranayama (breathwork), and Tai Chi provide her with grounding and enable her to support others in doing the same. She approaches her clients’ learning with patience, mindfulness, and compassion. Instead of allowing clients to be frustrated in the process, she encourages them to “Get back on the horse.”

Education & Credentials

  • ICF Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation
  • Newfield Certified Coach, Newfield Network ACTP Coach Training Program
  • Shadow and Wholeness credentialing, Newfield Network
  • BSE, IOE (Industrial and Operations Engineering) from the University of Michigan

Client Testimonials

After 1 session I felt a lot more confident and am able to hold myself to a higher degree socially and emotionally.

My ratings from clients increased, they showed more respect, and I felt more confident in my job. Emotionally I felt a higher sense of self worth and confidence.

My friends started inviting me to events more often.”

G.A., Technician

“I had trouble in my relationship with my nephew. He comes across very blunt and rude, and I was especially concerned and shocked when he would get into heated arguments with my Dad, who is at high risk of having a heart attack.

While working with Melinda, I uncovered a traumatic incident after my father’s surgery that caused an irrational fear concerning my father’s health, causing my “need” to protect him. Once I realized this I accepted my Nephew for who he is

Melinda is thorough, patient, and kind. She listens intuitively and is able to pick up on cues to which I was oblivious.  She helped me develop communication tools and methods to clearly speak from my heart with my nephew.  These communication skills have been invaluable to me in my relationships.”

Kelly B., Criminal Justice Investigator

Melinda helps you find a new you for yourself! She helped me to learn about myself which in turn helped me to deal with daily stress. Now I am able to fall asleep without using any meditation techniques or pranayama (breathing exercises). The quality of sleep has improved dramatically by about 80%. I’m now able to sleep through the night! 

Melinda gave me a new perspective to see things in life. I’m now able to look at things in an objective manner instead of personalizing the situation. I am now able to accept difficult situations truly.

Melinda is very compassionate. She is such a great listener and her observation skills are phenomenal.”

Seema V., IT professional

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