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Specializes in:

  • Discovering Your Personal Leadership
  • Values-Driven Shifts & Pivots
  • Sustainable Relationships

Milan partners with leaders at all levels to ignite their innate leadership potential, enabling them to leave an indelible mark on their lives and organizations.

Milan operates on the principle that true leadership emanates from within the individual. Her approach, known as “leading by design,” insists that each individual possesses an inherent brilliance as a leader. By tapping into her clients’ exceptional vision, profound intelligence, natural creativity, and boundless resourcefulness, Milan collaborates with her clients to bring their desired outcomes into coherent form.

Milan brings a unique blend of design, communications, and organizational culture to the coaching container. Prior to making her third career pivot to coaching, Milan spent 10 years shaping and influencing team collaboration, partnering with leaders at early-stage startups like Rippling, Coda, and Inkling. She’s no stranger to the challenges that come with trying to work as a team through rapid company growth.

Education & Credentials

  • ICF Certified Ontological Coach by Ideal Coaching Global
  • One of the first coaches to be trained by Matt Mochary
  • B.S. UC Davis, California
  • Mama and +Mom to three remarkable children (ages 6, 9, and 11)

Client Testimonials

[Coaching with Milan] allowed me to get in alignment with who I actually am as a person and what I believe in. It allowed me to free myself of a lot of systems that were indoctrinated in me and allowed me to feel the confidence to shape my own path. One that’s going be a much more fulfilling, sustainable, healthy, prosperous, and joyous way to live, as opposed to one that was created for me or shaping me in a way that I wasn’t happy with.”

Yoi, Vice President, Los Angeles, CA

“I reached out for coaching at a time when I felt really stuck in my life. You’ve coached me to have a different perspective on things that I normally wouldn’t have had a different perspective on. Now, like, the circumstances haven’t changed, but I feel like I have a purpose. That’s really huge I feel like that’s what makes it all worth it, that I have a changed mindset.”

Pooja, Consultant, Bay Area, CA

I had a lot of self-realizations, which would surprise me every session. You’d ask the right question and I’d be like, ‘Where did that even come from in my brain?’ I didn’t think that my coaching sessions would end me to where I am currently, where I feel more confident in my abilities. Coaching helped my confidence.”

Hanna, Entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA

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