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Specializes in:

  • Leadership & Executive Development
  • Wellbeing & Emotional Intelligence
  • Career & Life Transition

Natalie brings 7 years of experience as a coach. She works with high-achieving individuals who want to thrive, mentally and emotionally, at work.

She works with individuals to authentically show up as an impactful leader while finding a healthy integration between work and everything else that is important in life. She assists with career transitions to more fulfilling work. 

Natalie’s first career was as a Senior Human Resources Leader and, for over 20 years, she worked with leadership in both entrepreneurial and well-established environments to help organizations establish or reinvent their culture and people processes. This experience, along with her MBA education, has given her a unique perspective on and understanding of the business environment and the frustrations created in today’s work cultures. 

Natalie’s strengths are in being a pragmatic thought partner. She simplifies complex ideas and concepts into approachable methodology and is a conscientious communicator. She has a passion for cognitive science and human behavior, which is integrated into her coaching methodology.

Natalie lives in New Orleans but is often found in another state hiking in the mountains. 

Education & Credentials

  • Professional Certified Coach (PCC) as certified by the International Coach Federation
  • Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach with EQi 2.0 
  • Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Certified Conscious Business Coach
  • MBA, University of Phoenix
  • BA, University of California, Santa Barbara

Natalie has worked with executives, mid-to-senior and emerging leaders in a variety of organizations ranging from start-ups to large corporations such as Bank of America, Berkshire Hathaway, Bloomberg, BMW, Capital One, Charles Schwab, Chubb, Colgate, Dell, Google, Intuit, Kearney, Kendra Scott, LinkedIn, Magellan Health, Paramount, Ralph Lauren, Sotheby’s, and Warner Media.

Client Testimonials

“I’ve been working with Natalie for a while now, and I can’t imagine not having her in my professional life. She is exactly what I had hoped to find. My business has taken a giant leap forward since I began working with her. I have experienced a dramatic change in how I approach my business and clients. I couldn’t be happier..”

Sheila Starr, Sales Executive at Berkshire Hathaway Home

“When I was referred to Natalie by someone I admire greatly, I was experiencing the hardest time in my life both personally and professionally. The impact of my grief on my day-to-day, and the lack of support from my boss really did a number on my confidence. Natalie helped me to look inward at my strengths and successes, to smash the saboteurs, and to prioritize the things that really mattered to me. She has helped me look at my personal values, as well as be intentional and clear about where to invest my energy. The clarity comes from pointed questions, actions created every time we meet, and from being accountable. And most importantly to come up with the courage and the action plan to go after them. This is how I got my groove back and found my last leadership position. I can’t thank Natalie enough for her expertise and guidance and would recommend her to any high-achieving woman that wants to tap into her superpowers and align her life with her values.

Yvonne Caravia, Global Head of Product Strategy & Design

“As a full-time attorney, wife, and mom I had it all and needed no help- or so I thought. Since the first call, Natalie has been instrumental in helping me frame my priorities, make a plan for achieving them and execute the steps needed. She asks the questions that help me find the unique solutions that work for me. I appreciate most that she respects my individual needs rather than trying the cliche solutions. Natalie is also great at acknowledging progress that I might not have noticed otherwise. She is also well versed in extended resources for personal and professional growth. Since working with Natalie, I’ve recognized that there is no overnight solution or instant fix. I’ve steadily learned to integrate balance into my life: saying “yes” only to what matters and finding time and space to enjoy the little things. I’ve built confidence and recognize the negative stories we often tell ourselves. Simply put: I feel better and suspect the same is true for those around me at home and work. Joy and integrity are contagious. Natalie’s right there to support you through the work.

Melissa Franchi, Family Law Attorney

“In less than 9 months, Natalie has helped me make significant improvements in a couple of significant ways. First, was she helped me work on enhancing my visibility within the organization and improving my perception among senior leadership which has led to a promotion. Secondly, by really focusing in on specific goals and challenging me to visualize common scenarios where I would normally sabotage myself, I was able to preemptively stay on track and achieve success. I highly recommend her.”

Laurie Deneschuk, VP of People at Netlify
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