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Specializes in:

  • Psychedelic Integration
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Personal Development
  • Wellness

Peter’s 3 years of coaching experience comes on the heels of a successful career as an abstract painter, and the creation of an award-winning architectural design firm. His fascination with both the creative process and personal development led him to coaching, where a two-year coaching relationship as a client led him to start his own coaching practice.

He lives in Sag Harbor New York with his two teenage sons and dog Rosie. 

Education & Credentials 

Peter was trained through a)plan’s training program and holds a BA from Tufts University.

Peter has worked with creatives, and professionals who think creatively across all sectors, and emerging business spaces.  Individuals who have a strong desire to become the best version of themselves, and those in transition periods of their lives, whether within relationships, work or on personal fronts.

Client Testimonials

Peter has been a stellar coach, champion, taskmaster and importantly a mirror to reflect back important conversations, insights while holding me accountable and on point. He has great personal and professional insights that have been helpful and motivating for me. Having Peter as my coach during the Covid sequestration has been a lifeline as I spent a year indoors, primarily alone, providing psychological support to many individuals and therapists. He cheered me on, lent valuable perspective, helped me accomplish a lot of my goals…and was often like a drink of fresh water. I am grateful for my time with Peter and a)plan coaching


Peter is an outstanding Coach. His fast instincts and his precise questions leave me light hearted and free. His fire, drive and passion for life made me look for the same qualities inside of myself. Peter is so connected to his inner child that working with him is really FUN! When it comes to self worth, self esteem and realigning to your inner truth I would not want to work with anyone else. But over all what impressed me most is his ability to feel with me. A deep compassion. And a commitment and engagement coming from him that I have never experienced before – and that for me made the Coaching with him a once in a lifetime experience.


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