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Specializes in:

  • Knowing and Aligning with Your Core Values
  • Leadership Development
  • Mental Health and Well-being
  • Career Pivots
  • Parenting and Life-Work Balance

Peter helps people recognize their unique core values so they can align their work and lives with who they naturally are.

“To thine own self be true” is a maxim he steers his life by. Meditation and mindfulness has been a daily routine for Peter since 1991. During his training in psychotherapy, Peter specialized in counseling parents and teens. Peter owned and ran his own business in San Francisco for a decade and brings the real-life experience of business ownership while parenting. He established and ran his own coaching and sales consulting business for individuals and organizations. He lives with his wife of 20 years and their two teenage children in Mountain View, CA.

Education & Credentials

  • Master Degree, Counseling Psychology, JFK University
  • Conflict Resolution Certification
  • Bachelors Degree, History, Hamilton College

Client Testimonials

“After more than a decade in the energy industry, I knew I needed to switch industries as a project manager, but I felt very lost and unclear where to start in my job search. In the last year, I had already paid 3 different “guru” consultants for resume review and career coaching, but I didn’t receive actionable information.

Peter was able to bring in a fresh perspective on myself and help me pin point the exact skills that I’m strongest at, and which I should steer clear of. Together we were able to talk through scenarios which I would excel and bring me the most happiness. I believe the two main things that make Peter stand apart is: 1) he truly cares about the person and the journey, not just the process and 2) he made me stop and listen to myself about what would make me happy.

I’ll admit, this wasn’t an easy process, it’s not easy to be introspective and contemplate what would make me happy. But we came through the journey to understand, if everyone added the best part of themselves to the world (and began with myself), everyone would benefit.

I recommend Peter, not only as a career coach, but a re-centering life coach.”

Teri Castro, Google

“Peter is a highly observant, patient, and intelligent coach. I felt seen and understood in ways I didn’t even know were possible! He spends a significant time getting to know you and your goals. Going into any coaching relationship, one ponders if it will be worth the time taken away from the day on the job. However, I would gladly spend as much time as possible working with Peter and his style of coaching.”

Johnny McGinty, OCSC Sailing Inc.

“Peter helped me claim more fully the value of who I am and what I do and put it into clear, conversational language. Just as important, he helped me to make the full transition from work that paid the bills to a career afforded me a competitive salary and aligned with my deepest core values and talents. He made the process seem doable and almost easy.”

Margaret Marcuson, Author and Leadership Consultant

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