a)plan coaching

Specializes in:

  • Personal Growth: Empowerment, Fulfillment, Resilience
  • Positive Intelligence (PQ) / Emotional Regulation
  • Discovery of the Authentic Self/Purposeful Life

Sayoko helps clients on a journey to discover their core values and find their authentic selves to live a fulfilling, purposeful life.

She also helps them identify their saboteurs that get in the way of happiness and success. Her clients want to be the best version of themselves and be a force for good in this world. She is honored to be their thinking partner and help them find their North Star. Sayoko works with non-profit organizational leaders, emerging corporate leaders, and solopreneurs.

Prior to becoming a coach, Sayoko has enjoyed and thrived on building understanding, effective communication, and camaraderie between professional teams around the globe to achieve a common goal. Her primary area of expertise in the last 20-plus years has been medical device regulatory affairs, making innovative and safe medical devices available to patients and doctors. 

On a personal note, Sayoko has lived in two very different cultures, Japanese and American, and sometimes caught between opposing expectations or norms. She was constantly questioning who she should be, what kind of person she was, etc. Only understanding and accepting what makes her “Sayoko” set her free to pursue a happy, fulfilling life. 

Sayoko is also active in volunteer work. Currently, serving as a board member and a co-chair of the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee for the American Red Cross-Greater Idaho Region, a board member with BoiseNice Project. She has also served as a DEI Ambassador for the National American Red Cross. Previous involvements include Rotary Club of Bellevue Breakfast (12 years), YMCA Eastside board (Washington), and Children’s Music Foundation board, to name a few.

Education & Credentials

  • Boston University, BA in Psychology
  • Certified Co-Active Coach (CPCC)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC), ICF
  • Positive Psychology (PQ) Coach, trained

Client Testimonials

“Meeting Sayoko and embarking on an introspective journey has changed the trajectory of my life – for the best! Our time together brought much needed clarity and confidence to my life and has allowed me to become more decisive and cultivate a greater sense of calmness.”

S.R., Communication Director

“Sayoko is helping me visualize and establish a new foundation for reaching my full potential and successfully lead a high performing team. Her coaching has been especially valuable seeing time worn issues in new ways and addressing challenging circumstances that arise. Our sessions help me identify in-depth self-inflicted barriers while creating strength-based solutions. Her approach coupled with strong accountability measures are providing clarity and helping me balance the demands of running a growing, 24/7 Disaster organization.”


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