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Specializes in:

  • Leadership & Culture Development
  • Somatic & Soul Work
  • Life & Career Fulfillment

Solunis has committed herself to support individuals, leaders, companies, and structures to create aligned cultures.

As a Somatic Coach, DEIB professional, and changemaker, she supports and weaves together passion, purpose, and values into strategies and action. She specializes in diverse audience development and management with over 20 years of experience in sales and fundraising, ideation, marketing, influencer management, partnerships, and creating narratives.

Solunis’ extensive history with capital-raising and integrating social justice values created tangible, measurable goals, project designs, and team culture for her clients. Her impact spans companies and institutions like  NYC’s Gay & Lesbian Center, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, United Nations Development Program, Earth Institute, and Malaria No More, to name a few.

Solunis is a graduate of Adelphi University, a Strozzi Institute trained Somatic Coach, a Partner at Evolution firm, and CEO/Founder of Beautifully Perfect You. In 1999, Solunis published a piece in “Charting Your Course: A Lifelong Guide to Health and Compassion,” along with cultural icons such as Jane Anderson and Deepak Chopra. She is also the author of “A Recipe for Pleasure.”

Clients that have benefited from Solunis’s coaching work include SNAP, Glassdoor, Strozzi, ISTA, Iterable, Old Skool Cafe, Millennium Promise, Skillshare, Impact Seat, Emergent, NYC’s Gay & Lesbian Center, Paramount Studios, Warner Brothers, United Nations Development Program, Earth Institute, and Malaria No More.

Education & Credentials

  • BA – Adelphi University
  • Somatic Bodyworker – Strozzi Institue
  • Somatic Coach- Strozzi Institute
  • Retreats for WOC – OmNoire
  • Hello Seven training with Rachel Rodgers
  • The Desire Map Course with Danielle LaPorte

Client Testimonials

“In a relatively short period of time, working with Solunis and her team has been transformative for me, both professionally and personally. As a leader, my state of mind must be a mindful presence in order to get the best results with my staff, peers, colleagues, and friends. Solunis has been able to facilitate elevating those skills to new heights. I feel enormously grateful and fortunate to work with her.”

Cheryl Contee, CEO, The Impact Seat Foundation

Solunis is an intuitive coach who leads by her own example. She actively does the work and then translates her learning into teaching and guidance with grace, tenderness, and a fierce commitment for her clients’ personal transformation. A powerful somatic coach, Solunis creates the space for wholeness, healing, and pure joy.”

Wendy Horng Brawer, Founder & Chief of Learning and Innovation, Emergent, Inc.

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