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Specializes in:

  • Executive and Leadership Development
  • Organizational Wellness/Strategic Planning
  • Personal Growth

Walter J. Crawford, ACC is an executive and leadership coach, located in the Washington, DC metro area.

As a former c-level executive within DC government, Walter brings to his coaching insights over twenty years of human resources and operations leadership in both the public and private sector. As a leadership coach based in Washington DC, Walter partners with leaders on all levels in local governments, non-profits, and mid to large size organizations to inspire a journey of learning and development using an open minded and goal-oriented approach.

Clients often cite Walter’s years of human resource and operational experience, knowledge and facilitation of leadership development training, experience in strategic management, organizational structure, process improvements, and his ability to lead with his heart while achieving results, as a key reason he is a trusted coach and advisor.

Over the course of his career, Walter has worked in multiple high-profile organizations within the District of Columbia government, in addition to Hilton Worldwide. Walter is certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Certified Practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment. He holds an M.B.A., is a nationally Certified Public Manager with a Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma.

Education & Credentials

  • International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • Leadership Circle Profile 360 Practitioner
  • Certified Birkman Method Consultant
  • Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Certified Public Manager (CPM)
  • Green Belt Lean Six Sigma

Clients that have benefited from Walter’s coaching and support vary across industries including, Federal government (USDA), Local government (District of Columbia), and University (George Washington University). In addition, individual executives in small business, health care, and non-profits.

Client Testimonials

“I had the pleasure of working with Walter regarding leadership coaching. I was assessing my career trajectory and thought a coach would be an additional resource and I believe It was time and money well spent.

We initially agreed to six sessions. However, it was such a positive experience, I decided to extend it to four additional sessions. I have done professional coaching before, but this was different. Walter does Ontological Coaching, which considers how the body, emotions and language influence our decision making. The sessions, using this approach, made me see and think about things from a very different perspective, where I wasn’t being told what to do but finding those answers for myself. It was great!

The sessions helped me develop some revised strategies and goals about my career. This included a reframed timeline and a renewed recognition of my strengths regarding my goals. I am now pursuing opportunities that I probably never would have considered prior to our sessions together.

I believe that no matter how far one advances in her career, coaching is always a good investment. I am glad I chose Walter for this iteration and recommend his services without hesitation.”

D.W., Regional Program Director

“Although I was new to coaching, intellectually, I understood the concept.  The question for me was “what did I want to get out of the experience”?  The genius of Walter, in hours of conversation, began to pull that out of me.  With the necessary seriousness that he brought to the process and the requisite professional disposition; my clarity of purpose started to develop.  There are still a lot of desired business outcomes to figure out and Walter has put me on a path where my discerning ability is now more acutely alert.  It took his masterful skill of listening and provoking the right questions, to draw out the critical elements that I needed to get to this point.  The summer coaching sessions were very worthwhile.”

T.E., Ph.D. Program Administrator

“I met Walter through a mutual friend that I trust implicitly. Being unaware of what to expect from a professional coach I was originally confused on how to ask for help. What Walter provided over a year’s time was not the answer to how I need help, but rather the consistent and insightful inquiry and understanding of how to help myself. His effectiveness lies wonderfully in his ability synthesize information into a credible plan of action. 

What started out as an earnest curiosity, for me, transformed into an eye-opening feeling of gratitude that continuously reminds me of how special I can be if I truly want to make a difference. That feeling alone is worth its weight in gold. If you want to take away one thing- it’s good to ask for help, but you have to get over your own personal hurdles to benefit from a genuinely positive coaching experience.”

P.C, Artist, Carpenter, Husband, Father
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