Jamie from Chicago

Peter from New York

Courtney from San Francisco

Cayla from California

Additional Client Testimonials

“Coaching is a great perk that my employer provides to all employees plus additional coaching for new managers. Coaching helps us all bring our best selves to work!”

- Courtney M., Renewals and Growth Manager

“I started working with A-Plan when they started.  I am a first time founder and I knew there were going to be challenges on the people side of the company…I was really impressed with how impactful it could be.  Ultimately I learned that the personal and professional are inextricably linked.”

- Arturo E., Venture Backed Founder

“Given this moment in time at my organization, I'd love to see more staff who may be interested have the opportunity to receive coaching. I really value and appreciate A-Plan's methods, approach and tools.”

- Lisa, Communications Director

“I've experienced coaching before but A-Plan has invented a coaching system like no other. I think what I love most (aside from my coach) is the app itself. The app allows me to track myself, and for my coach to track me. It offers me a sense of accountability that otherwise might be lost between coaching sessions. I've been using A-plan for about 7 months and I've accomplished projects that seemed out of reach not too long ago.”

- Michael N, Musician and Entrepreneur

“I was in a place where I was over-stressed, over-frustrated and didn't feel like I had a champion and impartial advocate and partner. A-Plan filled those spaces wonderfully. A-Plan has been a God send... I value my experience with A-Plan more than I can convey. This has been one of the best experiences in my professional life.”

- Michael, Nonprofit Executive

“Using the A-Plan App helped me solidify a gratitude practice in my daily routine which has been super helpful - and it helps me connect with my vision of this world and this life I’m trying to create - and making decisions out of that rather than the current stress of the moment.”

- Cayla, Entrepreneur and Film-maker

“Coaching released some of the pressure of the workplace by having someone who understands my organization but is neutral (and to whom I can speak confidentially).”

- Alexis, Real Estate Manager

“Before I started working with A-Plan coaching seemed pretty “touchy-feely” and one of the pleasant surprises that I found is that its very rigorous and practical - and effective.”

- Nilay O., Architect 

“It is a very well thought program and the coaches are enlightened and supportive, quite adept at their craft.”

- Alice, Real Estate Manager

“I love coaching and think it's a valuable way to actualize potential and maximize impact. I'm grateful that my company continues to invest in the service, and that A-Plan is interesting in continuing the partnership as well.”

- Ashley, Head of HR