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At a)plan, our mission is to help you be the best version of yourself. We bring life and career coaches to Boulder with virtual coaching, which goes deeper than in-person coaching.

How does a)plan bring life and career coaches to Boulder, CO?

Our life and career coaches are located all over the US. In all a)plan engagements, users have the opportunity to select their own coach from our diverse roster of nearly 50 coaches. Users may opt to pick a coach in their same timezone or area. However, for most a)plan users, the location of their coach has little impact on the quality of the experience.

Why is virtual coaching better than in-person coaching?

For most users, the virtual aspect of our coaching is an added bonus. Virtual coaching brings extra convenience, as users aren’t forced to use time or money commuting to their coaching sessions. Virtual, tech-enabled coaching also makes for a better coaching experience because it creates easier access to your coach. With unlimited texting access and a dedicated coaching app, a)plan users can reach their coaches whenever they need.

How do clients meet with coaches?

We offer a variety of ways for clients to communicate with our coaches, including text, audio, and video channels. Our coaches are flexible! However you and your coach agree to meet, we strongly encourage clients to use our app to get the best experience possible.

How does a)plan define life coaching and career coaching?

There are life coaches, career coaches, executive coaches, DEI coaches, and more. At a)plan, we believe these many different types of coaching should not be separated. What many believe they are looking for in life coaching or career coaching, they typically discover through a)plan’s “whole-person coaching” approach. We cover it all, and our method is designed to meet the client’s bespoke needs. For example, if the client wishes to use their sessions for career coaching, planning, and strategy, we are there to support at every step. But we always keep the door open to work on growth in other areas as well.

What sets a)plan apart from other life coaching solutions?

Our experienced and diverse roster of coaches all utilize a consistent, time-tested method. Drawing on research and advice from the best coaches in the world, we created a highly effective method, supported by our coaching app. Our coaching approach is proven to unlock the best in individuals, no matter their situation, focus, or location (which is how we are able to bring life coaching and career coaching to cities like Boulder).

How expensive is coaching with a)plan?

Our pricing undercuts much of the competition, especially when factoring in the quality and experience of our coaching staff. For $500/month, a)plan users gain access to our impactful launch exercises, weekly coaching sessions, plus unlimited texting and app usage. For comparison, Harvard Business Review notes that executive coaches charge an average of $500 per hour, with the range going as high as $3,500 per hour!

Weekly 1:1 Coaching Sessions

With weekly, 1:1 coaching sessions, a)plan users build on what’s working to pursue an ideal vision for the future.

Affordable Pricing

a)plan‘s approach allows us to lower price, elevate quality, and virtually serve wonderful areas like Boulder, CO.

Day-to-Day Support

Our coaching app adds to the coaching experience, giving users more access to their coaches and a central place to track progress.

Meet Our Roster of Career & Life Coaches

Client Testimonials

“Through working with an a)plan coach, I learned that the personal and professional are inextricably linked.”

Arturo E.

Silicon Valley, CA

“Coaching helped me get out of my head, stop making assumptions, and trust my instincts.”

Erwin A.

San Francisco, CA

“I found the app and the structure of a)plan really compelling. It made it easy for me to engage and get a benefit from the coaching in small bites.”

Jaime M.

Chicago, IL

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