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At a)plan, our mission is to help you be the best version of yourself. We bring life coaches to Sarasota, Florida with virtual coaching, which goes deeper than in-person coaching.

How does a)plan deliver life coaching to Sarasota, FL?

While we do have a physical presence in Florida through some of our coaches, like Lauren Lambrecht, our coaches are stationed all over the US. a)plan coaching users have the freedom to pick their own coach from our robust roster of nearly 50 life coaches. For some, choosing a coach in the same state, timezone, or general area is a factor in the selection process. However, for most a)plan users, their coach’s location has little impact on the quality of the experience.

Why is virtual coaching better than in-person coaching?

Virtual life coaching improves upon traditional in-person coaching in a couple of ways. First, virtual coaching comes with an added level of convenience, as users don’t have to waste time or money commuting to their coaching sessions. Second, virtual coaching provides for a more comprehensive experience, because it involves more touch points with coaches. With unlimited texting access and a coaching app to support the entire experience, a)plan users can stay in contact with their coach much easier and more frequently.

How do clients meet with coaches?

Clients are encouraged to meet with our coaches through the a)plan app, which offers text, audio, and video communication options. Our Florida-based life coaches are also available to meet in person for clients who live in the same area. However you and your coach agree to meet, we recommend the use of our app to compliment the coaching experience.

How does a)plan define life coaching?

There’s life coaching, career coaching, leadership coaching, DEIB coaching, and more. At a)plan, we believe these many different “types” of coaching should not be separated. What many believe they are looking for in “life coaching,” they typically find through a)plan’s “whole-person coaching” approach.

What sets a)plan apart from other life coaching solutions?

Our diverse roster of coaches all utilize our consistent, time-tested method. Our method is the product of research and insights from the most experienced coaches in the world, and our tech was built around that research. Our method is designed and proven to unlock the best in individuals, no matter their situation or location (which is how we are able to bring life coaching to cities like Sarasota, FL).

How expensive is coaching with a)plan?

In the world of coaching, our pricing undercuts much of the competition, especially when factoring in the quality and experience of our coaching staff. For $500/month, a)plan users experience our powerful launch exercises, weekly coaching sessions, and unlimited texting and app usage. For comparison, Harvard Business Review points out that executive coaches charge an average of $500 per hour (not per month), with the range extending as high as $3,500 per hour!

Weekly Coaching Sessions

We help users pursue an ideal vision of the future through 1:1 coaching sessions.

Affordable Pricing

a)plan optimizes coaching for both the user and the coach, enabling us to lower costs, elevate quality, and serve beautiful areas like Sarasota.

Day-to-Day Support

Our coaching app extends in-person coaching, giving users additional access to their coach and a place to track progress.

Meet Our Roster of Industry Leading Coaches

Client Testimonials

“I have become stronger, more resilient, more clear, and more grateful–through the coaching I received from a)plan.”

Laura M.

Educator, Palo Alto

“Before I started working with a)plan, coaching seemed pretty “touchy-feely” and one of the pleasant surprises that I found is that it’s very rigorous and practical – and effective.”

Nilay O.

Architect, East Hampton, NY

“I found the app and the structure of a)plan really compelling. It made it easy for me to engage and get a benefit from the coaching in small bites.”

Jaime M.

Health Executive, Chicago

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