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Life Coaching for Women: Here’s What to Expect

What Is Life Coaching for Women?

Coaching for women puts life and work in center focus as the client aims to pursue key goals to improve her relationships, career path, personal wellness, and more. Additionally, a life coach for women works with clients who identify as women to help them navigate the common and uncommon realities of womanhood.

Recent research from McKinsey highlights that, despite progress, women continue to face unique challenges in the workplace, including:

  • More difficulty advancing in their roles
  • Burnout and under-recognition
  • Lower likelihood of strong allies at work, particularly for BIPOC women

Life coaching for women creates a safe space for women not only to discuss these issues, but also to develop action plans to create lasting progress and transformations. 

What many refer to as a “life coach,” we at a)plan coaching refer to as “whole-person coaching” because our approach encompasses all aspects of your being. We have seen firsthand how a whole-person approach to coaching inspires change from within, which enables our clients to show up confidently in all aspects of life.

When Should You Hire a Life Coach for Women?

You might be searching for a coach because of a particular life circumstance, which could be the catalyst you need to get started. For example, you may want to pursue a career change, secure a promotion, or regain control of your health. To that end, coaching can help within a matter of weeks. 

It’s important to note, however, that coaching for women—and coaching in general—is designed to be an ongoing supplement to life. As you build rapport with your coach and begin to unpack all the opportunities in front of you, you’ll understand why coaching isn’t just a “program” with a set end date. Rather, ongoing coaching offers indefinite support in the forever work of self-improvement.

Many a)plan clients who’ve worked with our life coaches for women discover freedom, clarity, and transformation in areas they hadn’t initially sought change. That is the power of a whole-person approach. Your coach can help you uncover limiting beliefs affecting every area of your life and create a plan to take purposeful action across the board. If you have ambitions, goals, or a desire for some type of change, now is a great time to hire a coach.

3 Reasons to Try Coaching for Women

Life coaching for women can help you live a more fulfilling life. Here are a few of the most common benefits we see for women who hire coaches.

1. Lifestyle Design

As a woman, you wear multiple “hats.” You may be different things to many people: a wife, mother, colleague, leader, or friend. In the flow of everyday life, it can be easy to forget who you are at your core—that you are more than the sum of your life roles. 

Many women admit to putting themselves second or third to their company, spouse, or children. As a result, some women don’t have the training or toolkit to implement self-care strategies. Figuring out the right formula here can reduce burnout and help reenergize you, so you show up with more passion and excitement at work and with family and friends.

As an example, a coaching client may want to improve organizational skills in relation to setting boundaries. She could desire to be more organized in creating time for herself and learning to say “no” when appropriate. In a situation like this, your coach is your thought and accountability partner, helping you to develop the time management and prioritization skills to communicate effectively and put your needs first. 

2. Confidence and Self-Esteem

Many who try life coaching for women aim to build confidence and self-esteem, which have positive impacts both professionally and personally. For example, a client may want to develop the courage to speak up at work or home, perhaps requesting a different schedule or communicating needs to her partner.

Because of this, some people seek confidence coaching for women to improve their self-esteem and learn to trust themselves fully. We at a)plan understand the benefits of confidence coaching, and our coaches use our whole-person approach to help clients become more self-assured in every aspect of their lives.

3. Career Advancement and Leadership Development 

Many women use coaching to gain strategic support on how to get a promotion, ask for a raise, or stand out at work. Although you may have the desire and know-how, you want people to see you as strong and willing to take risks as a leader. 

Coaching for women provides a supportive environment to prepare for those big conversations or moments of confrontation. Coaches may help clients by facilitating role-play situations or creating advancement plans and offering support, thought partnership, and accountability to excel in their careers.

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Life Coaches for Women at a)plan coaching

At a)plan, we are dedicated to supporting women with coaching and have served hundreds of women from all walks of life. Our roster of 50+ coaches features dozens who have worked closely to help women with common challenges, including:

Breaking bad habits that hinder their health, wellness, and growth

Building confidence in the workplace to show up as strong leaders

Creating healthy relationships with spouses, parents, children, friends, or colleagues

Rediscovering their identity as women and prioritizing self-care

Understanding their passions and purpose and redesigning their life to align with them

Such a list could go on and on, as we’ve served women facing all sorts of unique situations. Our coaches are highly skilled and passionate about leading clients to key breakthroughs and transformations.

Match with a Women’s Coach at a)plan

When choosing the right coach for you, compatibility is key. Finding someone who understands and works with your unique needs and goals is essential. At a)plan, we place a strong emphasis on ensuring quality and consistency across our entire coaching roster. Our 50+ coaches undergo our own vetting and training program, so no matter whom you work with, you can rely on consistent, quality coaching.

If you’re ready to take the first step toward intentional transformation, our coach-matching survey is a fantastic place to start. This process considers our coaches’ genders, time zones, and areas of expertise, giving you a chance to receive customized recommendations based on your responses to the quick survey.

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