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Life Coach for Over 50 | Key Reasons to Hire One

Definition: Life Coach for Over 50

A “life coach for over 50” is someone who helps you plan and pursue the most ideal version of your life for the present and the future. Common topics in coaching at this age include career, retirement, family, parenting, health, marriage, divorce, identity discovery, travel, and more. Coaching is designed to meet you wherever you are in life.

Coaching is hugely impactful no matter your age, gender, or background. It’s a tool through which anyone can discover value. That’s why our clients at a)plan represent such a wide range of individuals—from recent college graduates to happily retired seniors. 

Yet, with such a broad application, some might still wonder if coaching is really for them. Throughout this post, we answer that question for those in their middle-age or middle adulthood. Commonly considered to be around ages 40-60, discover why middle-age is an excellent time to have a coach.

A Whole-Person Coaching Approach

When we use the term “life coach” at a)plan coaching, we really mean whole-person coaching. Through whole-person coaching, focus and attention can be given to all areas of the client’s life. This approach was inspired by the notion that when one area of your life suffers, so too will other areas. To that end, whole-life coaching is about optimizing many aspects of your life—not just a singular area.

We work with dozens of age 50+ clients at a)plan coaching, and our method is built to mold to any client’s situation. In any given coaching engagement, the work revolves around discovering what you really want in life, getting proud of it, then going after it. Your coach is there by your side at each step of that journey.

Why Age 50+ Is a Great Time to Have a Coach

Some common patterns and life moments exist within the middle-age range. Throughout those years, a coach gives you the requisite support and perspective to navigate each moment as your best self.

As just one example, a coach is the perfect person to help you map out the later half of your career and subsequent retirement. That is no small topic! A coach is trained to be your go-to thought partner as you wrap your head around the details. What are your career goals in the next few years? Will your current trajectory get you there? What does your ideal retirement look like? What might stop you from getting it and how can we game-plan around those obstacles?

Many a)plan clients discover just how much freedom comes with middle-age. You’re often more established in your career. You might be more financially stable than you were in your 20s or 30s. It sometimes takes a renewed perspective (that’s what your coach is for), but these realities open up new doors. Your coach is the person with whom you can explore what’s behind each of those doors.

3 Roles a Coach Plays for Middle-Aged Clients

To get a bit more specific as to why you might want a life coach for your middle-aged years, consider these key reasons.

1. A Thought Partner to Help Get the Most Out of Life

Your weekly coaching sessions provide a safe space to say whatever it is that you want—even things that others in your life might not understand. A career change at age 50 might sound far-fetched to some, but not your coach. Rather, if that’s what you want, your coach will encourage it and help you figure out how to get it. 

There’s no better time to think big and optimistically about your future than now. And to do so with your own dedicated thought partner enhances that experience. The sooner the better.

2. An Excellent Support System

Consider that during your middle-age years, you might not have as strong of a support system as you want or need. In fact, often at this age, you are the support system for others in your life—whether it be for your kids, friends, or aging parents. Coaching is a great way to make sure you’re taking care of yourself, too.

3. A Collaborator to Set Plans in Motion

Your coach isn’t just a great listener. They’re also a collaborator. If there’s something you want in life, your coach is the person to help you craft action plans to be successful in getting whatever it is you’re after.

What are some common examples of goals that require game planning? Here are a few that our coaches have seen time and time again:

  • Retiring by a certain age → Planning around financial needs and earning more
  • Traveling abroad → Planning around logistics, time away from work, and budgeting
  • Improving relationships → Planning around better time management and priority restructuring

Such a list could go on and on. The point is, with every goal comes the need for a plan. Your coach is trained and invested in the creation of those plans and motivating you to see them through.

How to Match with the Perfect Coach

When picking a coach, it’s important to find someone that feels like a great match. At a)plan, all of our 40+ coaches undergo our own vetting and training program to ensure quality and consistency across our entire coaching roster.

To take our coach-matching abilities to another level, we created a coach-matching survey that gives respondents the chance to receive customized coach recommendations. This process takes into account both our coaches’ areas of expertise and your specific coach preferences. For anyone serious about finding the perfect coach, or wondering how to find a life coach in general, our coach-matching survey is a fantastic place to start.

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