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Parent Coaching: Everything You Need to Know

Do you want support navigating the challenges, joys, and endless questions that come with raising children? In this guide, we explore what parent coaching is, how it works, its benefits, and how working with a parenting coach can unlock your full potential as a caregiver.

What Is Parent Coaching?

Parent coaching is a type of coaching designed to support parents through the ups and downs of parenthood. Parenting coaching may take many forms in that parents struggle with different challenges and celebrate different wins. However, the overarching theme is that it’s a supportive resource for parents to improve their caregiving roles, lower stress, manage priorities and time, and enjoy a harmonious experience as a parent.

Parent coaching differs from traditional or relationship therapy in that it primarily centers on goal setting, skill development, and action-oriented strategies. A parenting coach provides guidance, accountability, and practical tools to help parents identify their strengths, enhance their parenting skills, and achieve specific objectives, whether that’s related to personal development or parent-child relationships.

On the other hand, therapy delves into emotional healing. Therapists help clients explore past experiences and address underlying psychological issues that may impact parenting. Furthermore, relationship-focused therapy may include joint sessions with a co-parent or child to help resolve conflicts, enhance understanding, and foster a healthier partnership. 

These different resources all have a time and place. While therapy is beneficial for healing the past, coaching takes a more forward-focused approach, empowering parents to take action and make positive changes in their caregiving journeys.

The Importance of Parenting Coaching

Parenting is one of the most challenging and complex jobs. By seeking parent coaching, individuals embrace the understanding that they may not have all the answers or skills needed to navigate the various aspects of parenthood—and that’s okay!

To be the best parent you can is an admirable and selfless desire with far-reaching positive effects for you and your children. Coaching acknowledges and honors this aspiration. It emphasizes the significance of self-improvement and personal growth for creating a nurturing and supportive environment for your children. 

By investing in your own development and well-being, you can model resilience, empathy, and positive behavior, which will significantly influence your children’s emotional and social development. The ripple effect of parent coaching extends beyond the immediate family, shaping the future of the next generation and contributing to a more compassionate and harmonious society.

How Does Parent Coaching Work?

Parent coaching at a)plan ultimately follows our standard whole-person coaching approach. The work revolves around self-reflection, identifying challenges, and creating a north star, then pursuing a future improved state of being. This type of coaching is all about setting goals, getting proud of those goals, and making them reality. 

When you work with a coach at a)plan, you receive a bespoke experience focused on helping you understand what you want to focus on and improve upon in your role as a parent. Then you meet weekly through a virtual format (app, phone, Zoom) to give those goals consistent attention. Your parenting coach is your accountability system, sounding board, and co-strategist as you strive to improve your life as a parent.

Traditionally, our clients who have wanted support in the parenting realm have worked on key focuses like:

  • Improving relationships with their children
  • Developing new skills to cope with the stress and work involved in giving total dedication to your kids
  • Forming new gratitude practices and habits to embrace the beauty in the parenting journey 
  • Enhancing communication skills to discover new ways to effectively communicate as a parent in many different and required contexts.

Parent coaching is relevant for mothers and fathers with children of any age, from toddlers to late teens to even adult children. Furthermore, individuals assuming the parent role, like grandparents, step-parents, or other family members, can also utilize this type of coaching. The specific work may differ, but the underlying goals and coaching strategies do not change.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Parenting Coaching

Choosing to work with a coach requires vulnerability and a willingness to change. Before embarking on this journey, it’s wise to familiarize yourself with the details of how this type of engagement works. 

Can you hire a parent coach with your spouse or co-parent?

Yes. Much like relationship coaching, this type of coaching can be done individually or with a partner. Regardless of the state of your relationship with a co-parent, coaching together may prove beneficial for everyone involved. 

Does it matter what age my children are?

No. Coaching is a bespoke experience that takes into account your specific situation. The underlying strategies and framework of coaching are consistent. However, a parent of a two-year-old probably faces different challenges than that of a 25-year-old. Nonetheless, parent coaching as a resource can be game-changing in either situation.

Who is qualified to be a parent coach?

There is no de facto certification or qualification for this type of coaching. We recommend finding an established coaching provider that vets their coaches closely so you can proceed with the confidence that your coach is qualified. Then, it’s largely a matter of finding someone who understands the world of parenting and can empathize with your situation. Experience is key, so working with a coach who is well-versed in parenting topics is essential. 

How is it different from therapy or couples therapy?

Coaching is focused on future-oriented goal setting and solutions. This typically contrasts with therapy which focuses more on diagnosing issues of the past. However, if your goal is to move forward and work toward a better version of yourself as a parent, coaching is the preferred route for many.

Outcomes of Great Parent Coaching

Working with a parenting coach can have a profound and genuinely life-changing impact. Within a few months of dedicated work, a parent committed to this journey may begin to experience improved empathy toward their child, which will help them build a more supportive and understanding environment for their relationship to thrive. 

Additionally, for a parent who prioritizes self-care habits and well-being, this journey can bring about a greater sense of purpose to their caregiving role. Ultimately, a successful parent coaching experience may create a deeply fulfilling personal development journey—one that provides more happiness, balance, fulfillment, and love.

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Whether you seek to improve your communication with your children, develop effective discipline strategies, or foster stronger relationships within your family, we can connect you with experienced and compassionate parenting coaches who will empower you to be the best parent you can be. Take the first step towards an enriched parenting experience today by finding the perfect coach through our coach-matching survey!

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