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Our customers represent a wide range of organizations, and while many of our coaches have industry-specific expertise, our approach is industry agnostic.

We work with companies of all sizes and individuals at all levels. The consistent theme among all of our engagements is that we help individuals achieve higher levels of performance, fulfillment, and purpose.

a)plan’s coaches have made such significant contributions to our staff and culture. My coach has shifted my way of being in ways that were unimaginable to me 18 months ago and I’ll be forever grateful!”

Alexis Paza

Tides Foundation

“I was in a place where I was over-stressed, over-frustrated and didn’t feel like I had a champion and impartial advocate and partner. a)plan filled those spaces wonderfully. a)plan has been a God send… I value my experience with a)plan more than I can convey. This has been one of the best experiences in my professional life.”

Michael Mosby

Tides Foundation

“At LTSE, we have a learning mindset and take a people-first approach. Working with a)plan has been a meaningful part of continuing to elevate my self-awareness and managerial style to continually improve collaboration with team members across diverse skill sets, backgrounds, and domain knowledge.”

Martin Alvarez

Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE)

“At LTSE we are really focused on creating a workplace where people can thrive and where we are investing in our people and coaching is a key part of that.”

Holly Grant

Long-Term Stock Exchange (LTSE)

“I started working with a)plan when they started.  I am a first time founder and I knew there were going to be challenges on the people side of the company…I was really impressed with how impactful it could be.  Ultimately I learned that the personal and professional are inextricably linked.”

Arturo Elizondo

Clara Foods

“Despite the many challenges I experienced as a leader in 2020, I have become stronger, more resilient, more clear, and more grateful–through the coaching I received at a)plan. My coach has helped me identify key goals and to discover creative ways to achieve them while guiding me into understanding my own authentic leadership skills. I feel grounded in my ability to foster change and drive toward more equitable outcomes in education.”

Laura McBain

Stanford d.school

“I found the app and the structure of a)plan really compelling. It made it easy for me to engage and get a benefit from the coaching in small bites.”


“Working with an a)plan coach made me feel more in control of my life. My coach helped me take all these ideas I had going on in my head and reeled them in so they become less overwhelming.”

Physician, NY Presbyterian

“With a)plan’s support we were able to develop our first Diversity, Equity and Inclusion action plan…a)plan was very helpful in our cultural transformation.”

Erwin Acox

Tides Foundation

“Before I started working with a)plan, coaching seemed pretty “touchy-feely” and one of the pleasant surprises that I found is that its very rigorous and practical – and effective.”

Nilay Oza

Oza Sabbeth Architects

“The intentionality that Susan, my a)plan coach, has helped me bring to my work and to my management style has been nothing short of transformative for me. a)plan’s emphasis on values and a whole person really shows up in our work, and makes my growth as a leader sustainable. I have seen the effects on my personal life as well, as I am compelled to ask essential questions fearlessly. When in doubt, I try to remember my coach’s oft-quoted question: “What wants to happen here?” This awareness of flow, in life and in leadership, has been life-changing for me.”

Leena Bhutta

Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

“I’m benefitting so much from coaching. I never thought coaching was for me, someone younger and not on a leadership team. I tried coaching to understand how I could better support others but now I can’t imagine my life without it. My coach is amazing and has given me tools to navigate day-to-day challenges while helping me meet longer-term goals aligned with my true purpose.”

Natalie Narotzky

Urban Sustainability Directors Network

“Work life balance has become increasingly important as I mature in age and professional capacity. My a)plan coach provides resources that help me manage all that life requires of me. As a professional in a field that deals with how violence impacts communities, our sessions have helped me learn to manage that stress to avoid causing harm to members of the team I lead.”

Synethia White

Cities United

“I know the Autodesk Foundation & Sustainability teams are in good hands with a)plan as our coaching provider. I would recommend a)plan to any organizations in need of an ongoing resource that unlocks the best in their employees.”

Joe Speicher


a)plan helped me during the promotion process at a previous company, a job switch, and while settling in at my new company. My coach has provided different perspectives that are helpful when decision making and more.”

Pujaa Rajan


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