a)plan coaching

We understand that it’s an investment to engage with a)plan.

So we want to make it easy for executive sponsors to assess if the coaching is working, how it’s working, and whether employees are getting value.

With a)plan’s analytics tools, companies gain ongoing access and understanding of their return on investment. With data collected from the app and direct quantifiable feedback from end users, a)plan is able to provide reports that include engagement tracking, insights on trends, and recommendations for areas for growth.

Analytics tools and resources within the app also serve the end user.

From progress tracking, to quantified accomplishments, analytics help our clients know how they’re doing and where they should focus more or less attention.

Aggregated across all a)plan engagements, our clients have reported the following:
  • 94% identified important goals and increased fulfillment
  • 71% achieved significant progress toward goals
  • 76% increased motivation by tracking progress toward goals
  • 57% improved their moods by keeping a gratitude list in the app
  • 99% would recommend a)plan to a friend or colleague
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