a)plan coaching

What some call “coaching” is often more accurately described as training or consulting.

We make a critical distinction.

Coaching, as we define it, is a process of self-learning – supporting individuals to explore and discover what propels them, what holds them back, what they really want, and where they truly excel.

In our coaching, we assist people to clarify goals, discover blind spots, and evaluate the impact of their habits.

Our interactive training, on the other hand, teaches people skills that they don’t yet have and gives them immediate opportunities to practice those skills. While different, training works hand-in-hand with coaching in that coaching often reveals challenges that require new knowledge and skills.

a)plan features a highly trained roster of coaches that facilitate trainings around the following topics:

• Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging • Managing ambiguity • Time management • Influence and negotiation • Decision making and role clarity • Giving and receiving feedback • Goal setting • Problem solving • Coaching peers and direct reports • Mindfulness • Executive presence and presentation skills • Email effectiveness • Communication

In addition to in-person and virtual trainings, all a)plan clients gain access to our vast and ever-growing library of articles, books, vlogs, podcasts, and content, curated by our coaches and authored by leading experts on topics ranging from human capital to the wellness economy.

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