a)plan coaching

All great coaching starts with self-awareness.

This goes for individuals, teams, and organizations alike.  In addition to One-on-One and Team Coaching, we offer assessments to help our clients gather information about how others see them and to reflect on their own strengths and opportunities for improvement.

360 Degree Reviews

At the beginning of an engagement, our coaches are available to conduct 360 degree reviews for individuals and teams. In this assessment, an a)plan coach gathers feedback from the client’s peers, managers, direct reports, and more. 

Coupled with the self-assessments in a)plan’s coaching launch exercises, 360 degree reviews provide both coach and client with thorough data from which to develop goals that have the farthest reaching impact for the individual, team, and organization.

Quarterly Assessments

Since coaching and assessment are most effective as ongoing processes, our initial 360 degree reviews are followed up with quarterly assessments. Every 3 months, our coaches survey individual clients and teams to monitor progress.

From there, quantitative and qualitative data is aggregated, anonymized, and shared with the organization leader and team. This helps inform both coaches and clients on progress towards the goals set following the initial 360 degree review.

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