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Join Coaching Circles for Changemaking Leaders. Watch the recording of our webinar on The Power of Coaching Circles below. Ready to jump in? Apply to join a circle.

What Are Coaching Circles?

Connect monthly with a small group of individuals in similar roles, facilitated by an a)plan coach. Coaching Circles are your confidential space to share challenges and receive advice and ideas from trusted peers.

Who Can Benefit?

Coaching Circles at a)plan are themed around specific audiences. For example:





What’s Included?

  • An initial assessment of goals, values, strengths, challenges, and opportunities
  • Monthly 90 minute group meetings with ~10 members by video
  • Summary notes after each session
  • Pre-session exercises and post-session assignments
  • Unlimited contact between sessions via the a)plan app
  • Lifetime use of the a)plan app


What are the benefits of coaching circles?

Coaching Circles give members a confidential space to share challenges, successes, and learnings with trusted peers who “get it.” Receive insight, ideas, and advice from peers who have gone through similar challenges, all while building lasting relationships with peers in your circle.

What is involved in Coaching Circle sessions?

Each meeting you’ll check in on your goals, celebrate progress, and identify where you are stuck or need support. A few group members will do a deep dive on a challenge or goal and receive peer coaching, feedback, ideas, and suggestions through MAPs (Multiple Action Plans). You’ll also set intentions for the next month, including new behaviors or habits.

How much do Coaching Circles cost?

Coaching circles start at $250/person/month for up to 10 participants per group for an initial commitment of 6 months.


Reach out to Sarah Brooks at sarah.brooks@a-plancoaching.com

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