a)plan coaching

Like individuals, a team is a collection of habits, behaviors, and perceptions.

Our Team Coaching involves group sessions at regular intervals that are designed to work in conjunction with One-on-One Coaching. 

Through team sessions, our goal is to determine any obstacles hindering collaboration, creativity, innovation, and sustained peak performance – and (often most importantly) joy. A positive culture – or the absence of one – is one of the leading aspects influencing team performance, morale, and talent retention.

Team Coaching services are provided through the a)plan app and dashboard and include: 
  • An initial inventory of shared goals, common values, team strengths, challenges, and opportunities 
  • A team launch to generate alignment and identify specific goals and commitments 
  • One hour regularly scheduled weekly or bi-weekly sessions, including: 
    • Summary notes after each session 
    • Pre-session exercises and post-session assignments 
    • Contact between sessions via the a)plan app 
  • Regular check-ins and evaluations to improve the coaching relationship and the team dynamic
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