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At a)plan, we are proud to serve clients around the world. We bring life coaching to hundreds of cities with our virtual coaching approach, which has more impact than in-person coaching.

How does a)plan deliver life coaching to different locations?

At a)plan, we believe in the idea of Coaching for Everyone. Everything we do is designed to be accessible for all audiences, because all audiences should have access to coaching. We created a time-tested virtual coaching method that makes use of weekly coaching sessions, a coaching app, progress tracking, and more. Our roster of nearly 50 coaches are all trained on how to maximize impact through virtual mediums, including texting, phone calling, and video chatting. This enables us to bring our premium coaching to nearly any location.

How do clients meet with coaches?

Clients are encouraged to meet with their coaches through the a)plan app, which offers text, audio, and video communication channels. Clients can also meet in person or over the phone. While our coaching app comes with features designed to enhance the coaching experience, a)plan coaches are flexible in meeting the bespoke needs of our clients.

Where are a)plan coaches located?

Just like our many clients, a)plan coaches are located in a wide range of locations. a)plan holds a presence in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chicago, Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York City, Washington DC, and more. While our service is designed to be virtual, some a)plan users happen to work with coaches in the same area. In these situations, coach and client are more than welcome to build rapport outside of the virtual format.

Why is virtual coaching better than in-person coaching?

For most users, the virtual aspect of our life coaching is an added bonus. Virtual coaching improves upon traditional in-person coaching in a number of ways. First, virtual coaching affords users a level of convenience, as they don’t use additional time or money commuting to their coaching sessions. Second, virtual coaching involves more touch points with your coach, providing for a more comprehensive coaching experience. With unlimited texting access and our dedicated coaching app, a)plan users can stay in contact with their coach at all times.

How does a)plan define life coaching?

There’s life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching, diversity coaching, and more. At a)plan, we believe these different areas of a person’s life cannot and should not be separated. Work deeply impacts life and vice versa. What many believe they are looking for in “life coaching” we believe they will most often find through a)plan’s “whole-person coaching” approach.

What sets a)plan apart from other life coaching solutions?

At a)plan, we are proud of our deep and diverse roster of coaches who are located in dozens of cities and multiple countries. All a)plan coaches utilize our consistent, time-tested method to maximize results for clients. Our approach is the product of years of research combining insights from leading coaches into a simple, accessible experience. The a)plan coaching method is designed and proven to unlock the best in individuals, no matter their situation.

Coaching Anywhere, Anytime

We support users with weekly 1-on-1 coaching sessions. Our coaching app extends the experience, giving users unlimited access to their coach and a place to track progress.

Industry-Leading Standards

a)plan coaches average more than 10 years of coaching experience, and many have upwards of 30 years. We take great care in vetting our coaching roster.

Expert, Virtual Coaches

The real power in coaching is in allowing people to unlock all of their potential to get where they want to be.

Walter Crawford

Life Coach, Washington DC

Vision coupled with action can transform our lives. That’s where a)plan’s coaching methodology sets itself apart.

Charles Pak

Life Coach, Santa Monica CA

Coaching provides a space where people can reach a new perspective on how to live the life they really want.

Erica L. Harris

Life Coach, Chicago IL

of our clients would recommend a)plan to a friend or colleague.

“The intentionality that my a)plan coach has helped me bring to my life and work has been nothing short of transformative for me.”

Leena B.
Foundation Executive, Westchester, NY

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