What is a-plan-coaching?



A-Plan is an optimized and scalable version of coaching, amplified by a unique and highly effective coaching method, a smartphone app, content curation, and tracking key metrics. With weekly 30 minute video sessions, our purpose is to help clients create life-altering, lasting results in all areas of interest, personally and professionally. We coach the whole person because we know that thriving, fulfilled employees create successful organizations.

A-Plan Coaching Supports:

  • Personal and professional learning and development

  • Creativity

  • Communication

  • Giving and receiving feedback

  • Overall engagement

  • Work/life balance

  • Long term visioning

  • Short term effectiveness

  • Goal setting

  • Priority management

  • Mindfulness

  • Health and wellness

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Personal and professional fulfillment

A-Plan Coaching is Based on:

  • Weekly face-to-face video sessions (30 or 50 minute options)

    An app for clients to keep goals and intentions organized and front of mind

    Ongoing communication between coach and client through the app, texts and/or emails .

  • Tracking KPIs through the app and other feedback mechanisms

  • A three-step process of:

    • 1. Identifying goals and areas of potential growth - both short and long term in all areas of life and work

      2. Developing MAPs – Multiple Action Plans – to reach those goals and develop new habits which support growth

    • 3. Ongoing coach and client partnership in the pursuit of new goals and habits that support long term personal and
            professional learning and development

Why A-Plan Coaching?:

  • Over 100 years of combined experience on our leadership team

  • A smartphone app that supports the entire coaching process

  • Experienced coaches who have worked with organizations including Facebook, Gap, Google, Kaiser Permanente, LinkedIn, Salesforce, SAP and Sutter Health among many others

  • Ability to measure client progress through tracking effectiveness and levels of engagement and growth

  • Ongoing assessment of the coaching program to support program goals and real-time client issues 

  • Technology-supported efficiencies enable us to offer a superior service at a lower cost relative to industry standards