a)plan coaching

Imagine if every member of your team operated at their highest level. 

a)plan’s scalable solution was designed to turn that vision into reality. We support more of your team members so they can bring their best, every day.

Reenvisioning the Scalability of Coaching

a)plan optimizes coaching for both the user and the coach, enabling us to lower cost, elevate quality, and reach more individuals than what’s traditionally been possible. 

Unlike other coaching services, a)plan is not a marketplace wherein sole proprietor coaches bring their own methods, tools, and processes. This outdated approach fails to deliver the consistency required for true coaching scalability.

a)plan does it differently. 

We built our entire company around a consistent coaching method, making scalability effortless. Our process was designed by the coaching industry’s best and brightest, with behavioral psychology and neuroscience at the core of our approach.

At company after company, we’ve found that a consistent method – with shared language and tools across teams – has a significant amplifying effect on the impact of coaching in shaping culture and facilitating organizational growth.

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